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What you can’t miss on your luxurious living.

A decoration project for a luxury living room needs to have some essential items, from furniture to decorative objects, everything needs to follow a high standard line to result in a sophisticated space.

Imposing & Comfortable Sofa

The sofa is a piece of furniture that brings interaction and comfort to your living room, so it is essential that this piece of furniture is visually elegant and cozy for the whole family.

Many people make the mistake of, when buying a sofa, prioritizing beauty and leaving comfort aside, but it is totally possible to reconcile the two. A luxury living room is likely to be a large-scale space, so it is important that the sofa has an adequate size for the space.

Stand-Out & Iconic Chair

When decorating a space, you often need to put “icing on the cake” and here’s an option that works for all styles: an iconic chair with class, good taste, and history.

Some designers made history by creating iconic furniture, recognized worldwide that can give a space the special touch that was missing in your décor.

Sophisticated Rug

Including a rug in the room’s decoration can be one of the best ways to leave the space with a more sophisticated face and significantly increase the feeling of comfort.

Consider the decorating style of your living room and define whether it’s best to opt for a neutral rug or one with flashy colors and prints.

When deciding on the material of the carpet not only think about the look but remember practical details such as the practicality to sanitize the piece.

Coffee and side tables

Indispensable items, both to support decorative objects and to serve coffee or tea to guests, the coffee table and side table are pieces that combine functionality and elegance.

The most important thing when choosing the coffee table and side tables for a luxury living room is the size, material, and style, everything must match and fit with the rest of the decor.

When decorating a luxurious space, whatever it may be, some care must be taken to respect the sophistication of the space.

When it comes to a living room, care must be redoubled, after all, this is the place in the house where the family will meet and receive friends, thus being a business card for the property.

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