Participate in the Here We Go 2023 Program to close a deal that will bring profits and benefits to you

We build the future of your dreams.

How it works

In the 2023 edition of the Here We Go program, those who specify DX Building (architects, brokers/Realtors, or interior designers) can win an unforgettable trip to Cancun (Mexico), Porto (Portugal), California (USA), or Rio de Janeiro, (Brazil). The more projects for DX Building are specified, the closer to the destinations the partner will be.

From this moment on, all purchases made by a customer will count as points for you, when you are listed as a partner.

Program valid from December 1st, 2022, to December 31st, 2023.


For all clients with signed and fully paid contract:Each room in a house will count as 100 points to the Here We Go program. When it is a whole house, it will add 200 points on top of what is earned for all rooms. For every lead that becomes a client and signs a contract with us, you’ll earn a commission.Besides the points earned on the Here We Go program, you will get a gift check for each client referred. Each room will give you a different amount, and when it’s the entire house remodeling, you’ll get a monetary bonus.

Points Systems

Bathrooms, kitchens, and outdoor kitchens will count as a room. Flooring for the entire house or part of the house will count as one room.

Example: if your client signs a contract to remodel the entire house with five beds and four bathrooms, kitchen, and outdoor kitchen, you’ll get 900 points.Four bathrooms: 400 points Kitchen: 100 points Outdoor kitchen: 100 points Flooring: 100 points Entire house bonus: 200 points Total: 900 Bedrooms do not count as a room unless they reach the minimum amount of $20,000.

You will automatically win a trip as soon as you reach 2,500 points and will be able to choose your destination, winning even more points. Each destination has a minimum of points to achieve.

Cancun (Mexico): 2,800
Porto (Portugal): 3,800
California (USA): 2,500
Rio de Janeiro (Brazil): 3,300

What's included in your trip:

A round-trip ticket flight for one person, three nights in a four-star hotel, Uber to/from the hotel and airport and a guided tour in the destination for two people. All you’ll need to do as soon as you achieve your goal is to choose your destination and let us know if you’ll take someone with you.

Fact about our company

We’ll feel your feelings and design your dream home paying attention to every detail, guiding you through every step, from the foundation to the cabinet handles.

Your dream is our goal, and we are proud to have 100% of our customers well pleased with our hard work.
We are a collaborative partner on every project, working closely with owners, our architects, the design team, and all subcontractors, always towards the same goal: PERFECTION!
At DX Building, we take the time to understand the challenges of each project to translate your dream into real solutions accurately.
Exceed customers’ expectations by working with attention and dedication to execution through superior materials.
We strive to build and deliver higher daily experiences to our customers through exclusive architected projects.
Since foundation, ethics and integrity has been present in our DNA, which disseminates throughout our associates.

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