Luxury, sophisticated floors just like you have always wanted!

Customize your property with a unique, splendid, exclusive floor that is able to raise your comfort level.

Supreme quality and sophistication

Your new floors will be clouds for your feet, beauty for your eyes and a gift of the gods for your home.

You probably agree with us when we say that a luxury home needs supreme quality when it comes to its flooring in order to match its owner. DX Building will make your dreams come true: regardless of your ideas, we design and create your project according to exactly what you want and your wishes become the law for our professionals.


High-quality and imported products, our flooring will boost your space comfort feeling by adding a touch of elegance and luxury to the space.


From durability, safety, and ease of cleaning, any of our flooring products will surely upgrade your space visually without losing functionality.


Products that go through ecological processes to assure the protection of the environment, in order to ensure the well-being of future generations.

Bring the concept of elegance and modernity indoors

Your home design will be even more exclusive with us. Feel free to choose the color you want to contribute to the overall aesthetic of the place. Thanks to years of experience, we understand that there is nothing more unique than each customer’s expectations, and we are happy to help you in creating a luxury, modern, high quality project fit to your wishes.