Expand your investment portfolio with the construction industry.

Many investors come to us intending to expand their investments in this solid market that is construction, which has shown continuous growth over the years and with a better recovery even after the pandemic.

DX Building owns different lots from regular sizes to oversized lots all over the state, including different options with a boat dock and pier, in one of Central Florida’s most exclusive addresses.

Success Factor

Our work ethic and dependability are unparalleled, and long-term, positive relationships with select subcontractors, ensure quality work that meets deadlines.

Accredited Brokers

Our team are already promoting the project to interest buyers, so the sale will possibly occur before the work’s completion, further accelerating the payback.

Investment Opportunity

The opportunity that DX Building offers by making some of its units available to these investors, besides increasing the reach of its business, is mainly to present the quality that those who know how to appreciate are seeking in a new home.

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