In construction, each project is a masterpiece in progress, a symphony of steel, concrete, and determination.

We do more than new construction services; we bring your dreams to life!

Your dream is our goal, and we are proud to have 100% of our customers well pleased with our hard work.

We are a collaborative partner on every project, working closely with owners, our architects, the design team, and all subcontractors, always towards the same goal: PERFECTION!

Different from usual contractors, DX Building works focused on the result of your project in order to see it finishes with high quality and sophistication within the deadline.

We build more than structures; We build communities, economies, and a better future for all our clients.

High quality professionals

There is nothing better than the best professionals around working for you in order to deliver the result that you have always wanted.


We have the knowledge, experience, and technology required to offer one hundred percent satisfaction to our customers in all our services.

Efficiency and commitment

We guarantee that your project will be done by a team committed to delivering you an efficient result.

A new space to enjoy a beautiful life

Make your dreams come true exactly as you have always wanted. Customize your new construction with your own personal tastes and allow us to deliver your complete project flawlessly.