Take advantage of your home’s exterior area to enjoy relaxing moments

Your exterior space will be more comfortable and welcoming!

Our specialists use high-quality materials to combine design and durability and create a wonderful exterior space for you to relax beside your loved ones.

Hire DX Building to make your exterior space the perfect spot to escape from a hectic routine


Simplicity at its finest with clean lines and grand size, yet still offering a natural touch with distinctive texture and color blends.


A modular design with a textured finish of natural slate. The three-piece system is available in three thicknesses.


Classic shape, smooth surface, and multiple color options help our job be great, ideal for creating a wide variety of traditional looks.

You will have to worry about only the compliments of your neighbors

Our highly skilled professionals work focused on delivering a flawless project to you.

High quality and sophistication are part of our DNA! DX Building does what it does because of countless years honing our skills and improving our customer service. Trust us to see 100% of your expectations delivered.